Chairman Davidson Responds w/ Written Statement
---> Alumnus Hutchins Responds In Kind
  • We are happy to report that Chairman R.C. Davidson, Jr., has been kind enough to issue a written response dated July-09-2012 (scroll to bottom to view)
  • This is in response to Alumnus Imar Hutchins' June-04-2012 open letter and the separate and subsequent June-26-2012 "COLLECTIVE STATEMENT"
  • This COLLECTIVE STATEMENT has now been supported by over 205 signatories and stakeholders to date---and growing.
  • Alumnus Hutchins has already responded in kind with an eloquent and respectful letter (July-11-2012).
  • We are providing a copy below for your benefit and consumption as well.
  • In the name of equitable exposure, transparency, and fairness, we are MORE THAN HAPPY to share Chairman Davidson's letter with you below (scroll to bottom to view).
  • We hope you enjoy reading it. Likewise, we WELCOME YOUR FEEDBACK on the content, spirit, merits, and approach taken by our esteemed Chairman.
  • Your reactions are both valuable and appreciated. Thank you for sharing.

View Chairman Davidson's
July-09-2012 Letter Below:

We honorably salute Chairman Davidson's history of service, support, and dedication to Morehouse College. We respect the enormous responsibilities and challenges he must face with such leadership and stewardship. We know Chairman Davidson must love Morehouse---just as Alumnus Hutchins does... just as the signatories and supporters do... and just as the several thousand others in the MOREHOUSE COMMUNITY do that have read this by now. We are thankful that Chairman Davidson issued Alumnus Hutchins (and the rest of the expanding audience of diverse stakeholders supporting The COLLECTIVE STATEMENT) the appropriate respect and courtesy by eventually responding.

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"We, the undersigned alumni, faculty, staff and students of Morehouse College, write this letter out of love and heartfelt concern for our beloved institution. 'Et Facta Est Lux' is the motto of Morehouse College which in Latin means: 'And there was light.' This of course comes from the book of Genesis: 'And said God let there be light, and there was light.' We believe that a healthy dose of sunlight is what is called for at this time in the Morehouse community. While it may be painful, we believe it is in the long-term best interest of Morehouse to address our problems head-on, for we don’t believe they can be solved in a vacuum... "
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