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"Thank you for this loving and incisive call to action, brother."
"Brother @imarzipan’s letter is the beginning of a new day for our beloved institution."
"You have made numerous valid points. Future Morehouse brothers will thank you one day."
"Thank you for writing it. I hope it is effective at creating change at Morehouse."
"In my opinion, we all need to stand firm on institutionalizing an IG [Inspector General]."
"I've always felt that if Morehouse is going to be around for its bicentennial, the College must think out of the box and out of the gate."
"It is important to make matriculation through Morehouse more enjoyable in very basic ways - this I believe, beyond anything else, is what resonates most in the minds of graduates when they decide whether or not to reinvest in the college."
"I believe that Morehouse's biggest problem is that [it seems to care] cares more about the people that work here then it does about the vision of the college."
"By providing public access of this letter, you have opened the door for other HBCUs to address their own challenges."

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